Dec 2014

Dec 2014

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

December 2014

Merry Christmas

as the year draws to a close, we start of the month with Rebecca and Taylor's dance concert
they both recently started ballet

 photo Dec14-0014_zpsfdfb3e3f.jpg

 photo Dec14-0010_zpse04a175f.jpg

 photo Dec14-0019_zps29b98a01.jpg

 photo Dec14-0016_zps6bd13888.jpg

 photo Dec14-0013_zpsd852f2a2.jpg

this was the make up
 photo Dec14-0009_zpsf240c2e4.jpg

final photo - end of final dance
 photo Dec14-0002_zps43443314.jpg

Along came graduation for Rebecca from first year of formal schooling - prep
 photo Dec14-0007_zps37b15545.jpg

This is the Thank you card that Rebecca wrote to her teacher :)
 photo Dec14-0005_zpsdba96134.jpg

at the beginning of Prep, the students were given a buddy, which was a year 7 student to help them, read with them, and just be there for them, at the end of the year, the prep class wrote letters to Santa, and the buddy's replies - it was so beautiful the way it was done :)

 photo Dec14-0003_zps9d030a9f.jpg

and Taylor's Pre school Christmas concert
 photo Dec14-0006_zps3117df0f.jpg

 photo Dec14-0011_zps9accb97e.jpg

Then, oh my, where did the time go, it's Christmas
 photo Dec14-0012_zpsb57203a0.jpg

 photo Dec14-0015_zps03f511cc.jpg

 photo Dec14-0022_zps042901ca.jpg

 photo Dec14-0004_zps801d24a2.jpg

School holidays, we had a quiet break
 photo Dec14-0039_zps3e72a21a.jpg

 photo Dec14-0038_zps1c3d1b5c.jpg

 photo Dec14-0040_zps9b361573.jpg

watched a crystal type garden grow, explode and die LOL that was fun hehehe
 photo Dec14-0036_zps85eeeac8.jpg

 photo Dec14-0037_zps4fd7d11b.jpg

 photo Dec14-0041_zpsc0e97d7d.jpg

 photo Jan-150003_zps55bef952.jpg

kinetic sand crocodile
 photo Dec14-0033_zpsf4955a00.jpg

 photo Dec14-0032_zpsc32ce94b.jpg

 photo Dec14-0034_zpsc8e912dc.jpg

 photo Dec14-0035_zpsff46b64c.jpg

 photo Dec14-0031_zps6b60ae30.jpg

 photo Dec14-0027_zpse891fee4.jpg

I love the pure excitement on Rebecca's face, she got a watch :)
 photo Dec14-0026_zpsda25d566.jpg

 photo Dec14-0025_zps7d4e86e9.jpg

 photo Dec14-0024_zpsc3cf1222.jpg

 photo Dec14-0017_zps204712ba.jpg

 photo Dec14-0021_zpse3314ef7.jpg

 photo Dec14-0029_zps0c1c4eae.jpg

 photo Dec14-0028_zpsa83869aa.jpg

 photo Dec14-0030_zps6df0a8ec.jpg

 photo Dec14-0023_zpse82155d1.jpg

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oct and Nov 2014

I have a lot of trouble getting the photos off my phone and onto my computer, both the laptop and the mobile seem to completely hate each other, and only cooperate once in a blue moon, then when I have them finally on the lappy, then they dont like being uploaded onto photobucket, therefore it is causing the delay in getting photos uploaded onto the blog. BUT finally after a few hours of persistence today.... here we go.

 photo OcNoDe14-0031_zpse38ce26b.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0020_zps8f43b44a.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0021_zpsc1e569d4.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0022_zps7d9b9536.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0000_zps0584b806.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0001_zps1eb9fd35.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0018_zps0390ff0c.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0019_zpsa52d46bd.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0026_zps89b6503f.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0024_zps3a78c538.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0023_zps3a81ac19.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0002_zpsb9a95cba.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0009_zps89bdee88.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0008_zps609128c4.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0005_zpsa1693d40.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0004_zpsf89e04a9.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0007_zpsab81e440.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0010_zps60ef9551.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0011_zps3fc89117.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0014_zps7103c5b1.jpg

Rebecca's Visit to the dentist
 photo OcNoDe14-0012_zps86fe11d9.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0013_zps720dc018.jpg

When her adult teeth come through she will need some removed and also need braces.
she had everyone in fits of laughter when she said, Yay, I am going to get bracelets!

 photo OcNoDe14-0017_zpsb16b6694.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0027_zps672a01fd.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0046_zpsf219c60d.jpg

Class in school summertime celebration concert
Under the Sea
Rebecca is a crab
 photo OcNoDe14-0077_zps53490497.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0078_zps5e8d68d7.jpg

Beautiful photo of a storm rolling in
 photo OcNoDe14-0016_zps0fc4ee57.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0015_zps23926b3b.jpg

Murwillimbah show
 photo OcNoDe14-0028_zpse17aba6d.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0030_zps22b95a13.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0029_zps6adbfc44.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0032_zps7719be0a.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0034_zps275cc154.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0035_zpsaf8b603c.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0037_zps232fd475.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0033_zps6e01b92d.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0036_zpsea6249f9.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0038_zps05b6042e.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0039_zpsa7676629.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0044_zps1924b980.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0042_zps511f9834.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0045_zps3d7d2fc5.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0043_zps45a86d0f.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0040_zpsfb72ac27.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0041_zps7f799081.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0048_zpsf52aaa75.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0049_zpsd5453814.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0052_zps366412f4.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0050_zpsea9cafac.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0051_zps473bffbd.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0053_zps31584ef3.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0055_zpsd9ec8c14.jpg

Mummy's Birthday - Breakfast in bed - kinda - breakfast on the couch - pikelets :) with candles and happy birthday sung and presents opened :) Thank you beautiful girls

 photo OcNoDe14-0057_zpsd100bb5b.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0058_zpsb282001a.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0062_zpsb353793c.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0061_zps53662a4a.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0066_zps46f2fcb9.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0080_zps010e49dd.jpg

a few months ago, the girls started doing Ballet, there is a concert coming up next week, so a lot of practice, dance practice, hair and make up practice.

 photo OcNoDe14-0087_zps543c6425.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0067_zps978d4b44.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0068_zps2dc7c27b.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0089_zpsbeb58180.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0090_zps24c54929.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0091_zpsae9fd5d0.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0092_zps58431fa4.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0069_zpsc4c0c5e4.jpg

Santa and Snowman
(this is probably the last year for these guys, sounding like the motors are dieing)
 photo OcNoDe14-0075_zpsdc1dec3c.jpg

Taylor putting on her ballerina decoration (gift from her ballet teacher)
 photo OcNoDe14-0073_zps6b1cd082.jpg

Rebecca putting on her ballerina decoration (gift from ballet teacher)
 photo OcNoDe14-0072_zps6495c5ca.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0074_zpsa6a4a203.jpg

 photo OcNoDe14-0059_zps474c8a7a.jpg

Becca's ouchie hand
 photo OcNoDe14-0071_zpsfe70a172.jpg

Children wrote letters to Santa at school, and Santa sent them letters back
 photo OcNoDe14-0093_zps44c02756.jpg

flower in her hair
 photo OcNoDe14-0079_zps0fcb609c.jpg